As of August 2, 2021, Pahrump Justice Court has returned to in-person court appearances for hearings in Pahrump Justice Court Dept. A & B.  A request to appear by remote appearance may be submitted with approval at the discretion of the court.


The court is in compliance with the State of Nevada and CDC regulations and recommendations regarding the use of masks and social distancing.  For further information please visit the following websites:



Pahrump Justice Court allows remote appearance by Zoom at the discretion of the court.  A request to appear by remote appearance must be submitted a minimum of five (5) judicial days before the hearing to allow ample time for the court to review the request – form can be found


Please be advised that a submitted request does not guarantee approval.  It is the responsibility of the requesting party to follow-up with the court.  If the request is approved, instructions on how to appear by Zoom will be sent by email.


If you wish to view court remotely you can do so by following these instructions:

How to appear in PJC Department A                                                                    How to appear in PJC Department B


When joining court virtually for a remote appearance, please MUTE YOUR PHONE OR MICROPHONE and treat the proceedings the same as if they are in person – please be quiet and courteous while waiting for your case to be called; contempt of court or a sanction could be imposed for any noise or disruption caused to the proceedings.



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