Rules of Conduct

  • No gum, food or drinks allowed in the building.
  • No smoking inside the building.
  • No profanity is to be used inside the building.
  • Cellular phones and pagers will not be tolerated in the courtroom.  Please turn them off before entering the courtroom.  If they make noise during court proceedings a $25 sanction and contempt of court charge will be assessed by the judge.
  • Sunglasses are not to be worn in the courtrooms unless prescribed by a physician for indoor use.
  • Appropriate court attire is to be worn in the courtrooms.  (No tank tops, no midriff shirts, no shorts)
  • No uncovered inappropriate tattoos or clothing that illustrate profanity or inappropriate words or conduct will be allowed in the courtrooms.
  • Silence in the courtrooms, except as otherwise directed and/or indicated by proper authority.
  • No weapons are allowed in the courtrooms.

Local Rules for Pahrump Justice Court

The attached are the official court order identifying trules of Pahrump Justice Court.  

Download "localrules.pdf"